Done in by the cunning of Dimitrov

Swiss Indoors Basel, Switzerland

[CR135] Alexander Zverev (GER) got off to a great start against [CR11] Grigor Dimitrov (BUL), unfortunately he was unable to sustain the level of play required to get the upset victory. Zverev lost the match for several reasons: fatigue (mental and physical); not being adept with the volley; and immaturity, which led to his not realizing that he needed to stick with the game plan that had won him the first set.

Zverev is learning, with mental maturation and improved physical fitness, he will not only understand how to adjust his game plan mid-match, he will realize when he is going away from his strengths. As he gets stronger, he will be more patient in the point and not try to end it with improbable shots.  Today, as he got exhausted, he panicked and made inappropriate shot selections.

Dimitrov was more alert after losing the first set and realizing that Zverev was not comfortable at net, he played with more slice and spin. Dimitrov dictated the rest of the match, running Zverev side to side and then drawing him into net, where inevitably Zverev made errors.  Eventually, Dimitrov wore him down to win 2-6, 6-4, 6-2.

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