Zverev reaches a new high

0420152 Alexander Zverev[CR105] Alexander Zverev (GER)

Zverev is knocking on the door of the top one hundred.  As of 05.11.2015 he is ranked 105, an all-time high, and that number will continue to decrease the more tournaments he plays. He took a huge step in the right direction when he made it to the doubles final of the 2015 BMW Open by FWU AG with his older brother.

His progress continues to be slow; however, a steady trend upwards is definitely occurring.  He is still finding his game and getting his body and mind equipped to deal with the demands of his profession.  If he maintains his focus and make the necessary adjustments, his ranking will eventually surpass that of some of his current peers.  I am well aware that much have been made of many young players and some have not lived up to their potential; however, I am still quite convinced that Zverev will do well.


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  1. I agree, although he is progressing slowly, the race is not for the swift, but for those who endure. I am confident that he will remain focus – I have not seen a match where he allowed any distractions to play a role in his game. He is definitely one to keep an eye on – slow and steady. He’s one of my favorite.

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