Kyrgios Defeats Djokovic For The 2nd Time

BNP Paribas Open, Indian Wells

[2] Novak Djokovic (SRB) vs. [16] Nick Kyrgios (AUS)

For the second consecutive time in less than a month, Kyrgios has defeated Djokovic and he has done so without dropping a set.  Kyrgios is riding the wave of youthful enthusiasm, while Djokovic appears to be riding a wave of diminishing motivation.  There is no doubt about Kyrgios’ talent; however, Djokovic at his best would have found a way to win these matches.  As I watched him tentatively push the ball around, I was struck by his lack of commitment to his shots, almost as if he was not quite sure what he was doing on court.  Djokovic punishes the ball and he’s considered one of the best, if not the best mover on tour; yet, today, Kyrgios was the one dictating play.  It was a dominant display of serving against one of the best returners on tour and Kyrgios won 6-4, 7-6(3).


We have watched Kyrgios reach the semi-finals in his last two tournaments, is he ready to get to the final at this tournament?  Has he matured enough to handle the pressure of expectation?  When no one is paying attention, many players excel; however, when the spotlight is on, they tend to play with less abandon because their minds have gotten involved.  Kyrgios seems to like the spotlight so he may not be hampered by the attention.  What is derailing him at the moment is his attitude.  I have yet to decide if this is just being young and rebellious or if he is the new version of Gael Monfils, another talented player who takes his skills for granted and is more interested in on court antics than playing consistently quality tennis to win the big titles.


SOURCE OF IMAGE:  Bing search

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