Zverev Dumps Ailing Federer For 2nd Masters Title

Zverev dumps ailing Federer

Coupe Rogers, Canada

[3] Roger Federer (SUI) vs. [8] Alexander Zverev (GER)

Coming into this final, Zverev had a slight ankle injury and the concern was how he would hold up against Federer; yet, much to our surprise, it was Federer who was ailing physically and it became more apparent as the match wore on.


Federer led their head-to-head 2:1; however, with each passing week, the young German’s game continues to improve.  How would he respond to the test today and would fatigue play a major role? We know that he has improved his physical fitness significantly and the fact that for two consecutive weeks he has made it to the final shows that he is on the right track.  Mentally, he has settled quite comfortably into the expectations of the public, seemingly unfazed by the attention.


For the second day in a row, the German had minimal support from the crowd.  He started the match a little nervous and almost squandered a 40-15 lead; however, his big weapon (his serve) came to his rescue.  Does Federer suffer from nerves in his matches?  I am sure he does, but he has been at this for so long, he has learned to manage them more effectively than most of his opponents.  If there is anything that can distract Federer on the tennis court, it would probably be his physical state, which recently has been a concern (knee and back).


Although he did not start the match looking injured, as the match progressed it became apparent from his lack of movement and the decrease in pace on his shots that Federer was ailing.  Zverev did not get distracted and stayed focused on his objective.  He defeated Federer 6-3, 6-4 to claim the second Masters 1000 title of his career.


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Title #5 of the season for our spotlight player. 

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