Christmas, A Time Of Love

Christmas tree

Thanksgiving traditionally gets the season started and many use this holiday to give thanks for family and good friends; however, it should not be the only time that we give thanks, every day that we wake up we should give thanks.

Just about everyone gets excited at the prospect of Christmas. However, it is not only a time for gift giving and over eating; it is a time when many people stop and reflect on their lives and the decisions they have made or not made. It is also a time when many people question their relationship with God, ponder their purpose on this earth, and renew their decision to be more loving and generous.

And still for many the joy of the season temporarily allows them to shelf their cares and worries, which allows them to stop and give thanks for their many blessings.

As you celebrate the holiday season, stop and ask yourself “What are you thankful for this season and how will you be more loving to each other?”

We at ServeandRally will like to express our love by taking this opportunity to say thanks to our loyal followers and to wish each and every one of them a Christmas full of love and joy.

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