Sustaining Motivation in The Absence of Results


Most people have made goals at some point in their life, whether these goals were realistic or not is a different story. Making a goal helps you to focus on the necessary steps needed to accomplish your desire. Yet, there are times when despite your best effort, despite putting in the hard work and the sacrifices, the results are slow to come. What keeps you going when the results are absent?

 We are all familiar with the New Year’s resolutions that so many people make to achieve one goal or another; yet, within a month or two, the desire is lost, and the goal was never achieved. Why? Sticking to a plan of action is often difficult and many people give up in frustration when they don’t see immediate results. However, the key to success lies in setting realistic goals and have a sustainable plan of action.

As with anything that requires change, it will not necessarily be a smooth transition; however, if you believe in your goal(s), then you can stay the course despite the lack of immediate results. You will ride the waves of ups and downs better if accomplishing your goal(s) will have a major beneficial impact on your health, finances and career.

Ivan Lendl joined Alexander Zverev’s coaching team in August of 2018. Although it is still a relatively young partnership, much was expected from Zverev. Things looked promising when Zverev upended Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic in back-to-back matches at the Nitto ATP Finals to win the biggest title of his career; however, there has been some inexplicable losses for a player of his caliber. Two consecutive Masters 1000 events and he lost before the quarterfinals.

Image Source: (Quinn Rooney/Getty Images AsiaPac-Alexander Zverev)

This is when Zverev will have to stay motivated and believe the change that Lendl is trying to create in his game is worth this period of transition. He will have to accept that these loses are part of the process and in the end it will all be worth it if bringing Lendl on as a part of his team was imperative for him to get to his goal(s).

At the end of February, Zverev defeated David Ferrer in straight sets, fast forward to two nights ago, he lost to Ferrer in three sets. After a dominant performance in the firs set, Zverev lost his way; his serve deserted him and the rest of his game followed.

When you make changes to your game, as every tennis plays knows who has tried to add another dimension to their game, there is always a period of transition. A time when you incur more loses than normal; however, if you have bought into the plan, you will stay committed because the results will come. I remember a few greats (Pete Sampras and Roger Federer) who made some changes to their game and had frustrating transition periods; however, in the end, it was worth it.

SOURCE OF MAIN IMAGE: (Getty Images South America- Alexander Zverev)

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