I have been involved in this great sport of tennis for over thirty years as both a player and a fan. I stay current by reading various publications, speaking with coaches and watching matches on television and online.  I have also travelled to various tournaments throughout the world.

ServeAndRally allows me to combine several things that I enjoy very much: tennis, writing, travelling, philanthropy, philosophy and photography.  It is my way of sharing insights about the game and life that is uniquely me.  My promise to my readers is that I will call it how I see it and will not shy away from tough issues; however, there will also be plenty of love and praise.

Although this is my passion, it is supported by a team of experts that works to make it professional, yet entertaining.  This is not only about my opinions, this site also gives everyone an opportunity to express their views about tennis and life. Please do not hesitate to join the conversation by leaving your comments.

ServeAndRally’s Mission: to give back to our community. To accomplish this we have teamed up with CEYE and we hope to do more going forward.


Co-Executive Producer: Thomas Hale (photographer and video expert)

Central Park Pro: Joseph Nortey (he makes sure my tennis tips are accurate)

Writer: Susan Regisford, M.D. (board certified physician and tennis aficionado).  I have written tennis articles for Vavel USA and Front Foot Sports.

Our new project, geared towards Whole-istic Health can be found at www.bestyoumadepossible.com.

Sustainable change is possible by utilizing biblical tenets, and some neuroscientific and psychological tools I discovered in my 28 years of trying to effect a positive lifestyle change (change habits that caused weight gain-I am happy to say that I did it and I am successfully keeping it off).

Get tips, encouragement, recipes, and more when you join us on this journey to total health and fulfillment.

PLEASE NOTE: there are original pictures and videos on our site from myself and other contributors and they are watermarked with ServeandRally. The other pictures used on our site come from Creative Commons, Getty Images and Zimbio;  all credit goes to those original photographers.

“The human body is an amazing work of art, add a powerful mind and success is inevitable.”  SHDR

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  1. My husband & I are thrilled to have a site like this for tennis aficionados. We also love everything tennis. So, you can count on us in the conversation about tennis.

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