Playing Tennis In New York

The public parks are the cheapest places to play tennis if you live in New York and do not want to pay the high prices for a private court. To play in the public parks, however, you need a full-season permit, or you can buy a single play permit for $15.00 (cash only) every time…

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My Advice To Serena Williams

I am a fan of both Serena and Venus Williams as tennis players, if you doubt that look at our Facebook page. What both sisters have accomplished in the tennis world is very impressive. What Serena has accomplished by winning twenty-three major titles in singles in addition to those in doubles is tremendous and to…

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Performance Anxiety and Tennis

Performance anxiety essential

Everyone at some point in their life has experienced performance anxiety; that sense of fear and dread that is experienced when faced with the prospect of performing to achieve a reward or recognition. The greater the reward, the more likely one is to experience performance anxiety. To minimize the detrimental effects of performance anxiety, you…

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