Addiction is a Problem for Many People


Oxford Dictionary defines addiction as the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity. However, that still leaves a lot of confusion. So, taking it one step further, it is the physical and mental dependence on a particular substance or activity. Is every addiction bad? An addiction is bad when it…

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The Battle With Obesity: PART III

battle with obeity: part 3

HOW DO I LOSE WEIGHT? Change in any form is never easy.  When you have done something the same way for so long, it almost seems impossible to do it differently.  In fact the emotional response that crops up in your bodies and minds when you think about change can sometimes drive many to reach…

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Cocaine-Local Anesthetic And Illegal Drug

Physicians learn about cocaine as a local anesthetic.  It was the first local anesthetic discovered in the 1800’s and it is the only naturally occurring local anesthetic (cocaine is derived from the leaves of the coca plant).  All other local anesthetics are synthetically derived. Local anesthetics belong to two groups: esters and amides.  The difference between these two…

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The Battle With Obesity: PART II


WHY DO WE OVER-EAT? Obesity continues to be a battle fought by many people today.  Despite the desire to lose weight, it remains a struggle for many to be consistent with healthy eating habits. Why? Somewhere along the line food became a drug.  Even worse, food took on the role in many instances of a comforter when we accidentally discovered that…

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