Coronavirus Continues To Dictate


Mondays I usually talk about ranking changes in tennis, but this Monday I just could not mount the enthusiasm. This is because there is not really much happening in the tennis world and priorities have shifted.

When Will The Pandemic End?

That is a question I am constantly being asked, and like many, my response is I do not know. Coronavirus continues to steal the show.  When lives are at stake, it seems silly to be talking about tennis; yet we can still enjoy the sport as it is a source of routine and comfort in this time of irregularity, chaos, and uncertainty. 

Kudos to Barbora Krejcikova who is using this time to climb up the rankings.  Not really much is going on in the tennis world, everyone is praying for some return of normalcy in the 2021 season; however, no one knows when the viral pandemic will run its course.

Lloyd Harris (RSA)UP  1080
Barbora Krejcikova CZE)UP  1174                    CAREER HIGH

No Top 10 Ranking Changes

ATP: there were no changes in the top ten, all top ten members maintained their ranking from the previous week.  Novak Djokovic remains at #1 and looks to remain there for the rest of the 2020 season.

WTA: there were no changes in the top 10.  Ashleigh Barty is locked in at #1.

Tennis Playing 2nd Fiddle To Virus

I have been involved in tennis since I was fourteen and this is the first time that I can honestly say that tennis is taking a backseat in my life.  It is almost surreal to see and experience the devastation this virus is causing and thus it makes me seem silly to be focusing on tennis.  Yet what better time to focus on something other that Covid-19. 

Coping Amidst The Uncertainty

Stressing and worrying about the pandemic has certainly not improved anyone’s health.  Obesity, domestic violence, divorce, and unemployment are all increasing.  Oh, let me not forget, drug use. Depression and anxiety are also having an impact on the quality of many lives. Whether you are directly or indirectly affected, everyone is carrying this burden of uncertainty.

Cori Gauff

So, how can you maintain your jopeco level (joy, peace, and contentment level) despite the uncertainty and chaos around you?  Rely on your healthy sources of strength, meditate, yoga, prayer, walks if you can, and let’s not forget the most important, reach out.  Connect to your loved ones, with the increase in virtual communication, you can be there with your loved ones spiritually if not physically.  Stay safe everyone.

SOURCE OF IMAGE: SERVEANDRALLY Originals (NYC changes due to the coronavirus pandemic)

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