Health And Wellness Site Launch

self-optimization, health

On January 8th 2020, Reghal Media LLC will launch a new site. It is more than just a self-help site. Dr. Susan Regisford believes that everyone has potential, everyone has been given a gift or gifts; yet, so many people don’t realize their potential. Learn To Maximize Your Potential There are many reasons why gifts…

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Best You Made Possible

best you

Everyone has gifts and everyone has dreams; sadly, too many people bury their dreams because of fear or a lack of encouragement. I remember when I heard this quote in a movie how it resonated: “Everyone dies, but not everyone lives“. How is that possible you may think, you are alive and breathing but does…

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Addiction is a Problem for Many People


Oxford Dictionary defines addiction as the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity. However, that still leaves a lot of confusion. So, taking it one step further, it is the physical and mental dependence on a particular substance or activity. Is every addiction bad? An addiction is bad when it…

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Christmas, A Time Of Love

Christmas tree

Thanksgiving traditionally gets the season started and many use this holiday to give thanks for family and good friends; however, it should not be the only time that we give thanks, every day that we wake up we should give thanks. Just about everyone gets excited at the prospect of Christmas. However, it is not…

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