What Feelings Motivate You?

How I feel is a byproduct of my thoughts and vice versa and I imagine it’s the same for most people.  Watching tennis players, I often see how their feelings negatively and positively impact their game.  If we feel happy, we think happy thoughts and act happy; and if we feel sad, more than likely we…

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What Thoughts Motivate You?

We are what we think.  Nothing gets done unless we first conceive of it in our minds.  Where do your thoughts come from?  Do they just magically appear in your head?  Our thoughts come from our needs and wants; they may also be triggered by our beliefs and they are definitely influenced by our emotional…

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What Motivates You?

Playing in the heat

Every day you get up in the morning and go about your routine; yet, before you go about your business, you have thoughts about what you would like to accomplish that day and potentially in the future. There are thoughts, beliefs and emotions that propel you forward.  Some people may be shocked to realize that…

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