Making The Right Choice

Every day we make thousands of choices beginning the moment we open our eyes and decide to turn the alarm off and try to get that extra five minutes of sleep.  Have you ever wondered if those five minutes really make a difference or is it just a habit formed over the years to try to delay the inevitable-facing the new day?

Our need for instant gratification or pleasure drives us in many of our choices.  Choose the cookies and ice cream our mind tells us, they are so delicious, forget about the weight you are trying to lose, you deserve this treat today after a rough day at work and the long commute home.  If we are not careful and we give in to our need for instant gratification every time we will find ourselves in the long run battling obesity and other medical issues, losing money or getting into some serious trouble.

Yet, we know from experience that making the right choice, the best choice is often not as easy as we would like.  It is not easy getting out of bed to go to the gym three days a week when it is freezing cold outside and the bed is a nice cocoon of warmth and comfort.  It is often tempting to take the easy way out especially when you are angry, hungry and/or tired.  So what keeps some people focused on their objectives?  Why are some people so much better at self-control and discipline than others?

I believe that when we have inner peace and contentment, it is easier to make the right choices consistently; thus, the objective is to figure out what is disturbing your peace and resolve it.  Easier said than done many of you will mutter; however, if you set tiny goals to accomplish what you want, it may not seem so impossible.

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