What Motivates You?

Playing in the heat

Every day you get up in the morning and go about your routine; yet, before you go about your business, you have thoughts about what you would like to accomplish that day and potentially in the future. There are thoughts, beliefs and emotions that propel you forward.  Some people may be shocked to realize that their underlying motivation is not something altruistic but rather something selfish.  We live in the “I”, “Me” generation, where for many people it’s all about their immediate needs and wants.  It’s not that most people want to be malicious; yet, in their selfish desire to get what they want, they are often oblivious to the fact that they may step on some toes, or hurt someone along the way.

So again, I ask, what is it that motivates you?

When you get up in the morning do you spare a thought about the fact that you are alive and have another opportunity to do something positive.  I am judged simply by the fact that I am a woman; my life is further complicated because I am black; then if those are not enough obstacles, I am tall and I have lingering traces of a West Indian accent.  Before I continue, I will say that I am not a victim and I am not looking for pity, rather I am making the point that if we want reasons to be selfish constantly, there are many; however, it takes a person of character to make the effort to go beyond their comfort zone and postpone the gratification of fulfilling their wants for the amazing feeling of doing something positive for someone else.





  1. The last statement about postponing instant gratification for someone else really hit home for me. Well said, and very true.

  2. You should run for political office, because our ‘leaders” seem to think that being elected is getting access to self enrichment not public service. We need leaders like you.

  3. I agree with you! It is very unfortunate that in times of stress and piles of work we have on our plates, we tend to forget thinking beyond our own perspective, and having compassion.

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