Ten Things We Must Accept

Ten Things We Must Accept

No one is perfect; therefore, mistakes will be made and we must learn to forgive. Keep trying to do the best that you can.

The sun will rise and set; thus, you can sleep and forget the trials and tribulations you encountered during the day and wake up the next refreshed and ready for a new day – a day with endless possibilities.

Everyone will eventually die, so make the most of your time on this earth to do good.

No good deed goes unpunished; yet, do good anyway because you will be rewarded by God. If you do not believe in God, still do good because it’s the right thing to do and what you do comes back to you in the end – karma.

You will never fully understand why people do the things they do; sadly, sometimes they don’t even understand themselves, so stop trying.

It is a fact of life that people will hurt you, intentionally and unintentionally; show love anyway. Sometimes you hurt the ones closest to you because they are the ones mostly likely to comprehend that you too were hurting.

Accept that you cannot change anyone; trying to do so is an exercise in futility guaranteed to make you frustrated. Pray for them instead and ask God to intervene in their lives in a positive way.

Change is inevitable. Unfortunately, as much as you would like some things to stay the same they will not. Initially you may whine and complain; however, in retrospect, we come to appreciate that it was a blessing in disguise.

You will reap what you sow and if it does not seem that way at the moment, give it time.

You are not in control. This is the one that many people struggle to accept, especially those with a “controlling” personality; however, God is and always will be in control.

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