What Thoughts Motivate You?

We are what we think.  Nothing gets done unless we first conceive of it in our minds.  Where do your thoughts come from?  Do they just magically appear in your head?  Our thoughts come from our needs and wants; they may also be triggered by our beliefs and they are definitely influenced by our emotional state.  So what thoughts motivate you?  Are they thoughts of scarcity or abundance; thoughts of love or hate; or are they simple thoughts of how you are going to get through the day without any mishaps, pass your exam, pay the bills or find the energy to clean the apartment?  No matter who we are, we all have thoughts that have a common theme, thought s for the comfort and safety of our loved ones and of course ourselves.  But what about others, people who are not our loved ones?  Do we spare a thought about them and their needs or concerns?


We live in a world that does not encourage compassion and many people tend to view kindness with suspicion. Consider something as basic as saying good morning when you step on the elevator; or saying thank you when someone holds the door open for you.  Too many people seem to think it is okay to avoid extending basic courtesies to others.  If we all made the effort to be more civilized perhaps this world may not be in such turmoil.  It starts with the basics – good manners and consideration. Try saying good morning when you step on the elevator.  Give up your seat on the bus or train to an elderly person or pregnant woman.  For Pete’s sake it takes nothing from you to smile or say thank you, but it may just begin the healing process this world so desperately needs.




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  1. Well said! I think that seeking gratitude out of everyday experiences can also be an enormous step toward living compassionately. Noticing the little things that bring joy can make us aware of the sheer joy of being alive Can’t help but live compassionately when centered in that state of being!

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