Recognize Critical Moments Of A Tennis Match

While we would like to think that every player stays focused the entire match, that is not the case. Few if any player can maintain such a high level of focus consistently throughout a match. Yet, if any player comes close to maintaining total focus, it would have to be Rafael Nadal.

Protect your serve

Thus, as a player you must recognize the times in a match when maintaining your focus is critical. The first service game of a match is an important juncture; for some players, losing their serve immediately may drain their confidence and spill over into the set or even the entire match. Therefore, it is important to keep your level of focus high to start off on a positive foot. Perhaps this is the reason so many tennis players opt to receive rather than serve in the first game of the match because they can get a chance to relax and take control of their nerves as well as potentially break their opponent’s serve.

Bruno Soares and Jamie Murray

Serving for the set

Serving to stay in a set and the match are also critical moments, with one being more significant (serving to stay in the match) than the other. The objective of every tennis player when they step on court is not just winning but winning in the most economical manner. If you expend too much energy trying to break back, it will eventually deplete you and jeopardize your chances of winning the tournament. Of course, keep in mind also that the longer you are on court the more you increase your chances of getting injured.

Tiebreakers can be pivotal

Another critical phase in a tennis match is the tiebreaker. Every point is important; therefore, it is imperative that you have a very high level of focus and clarity. So often, you see a player playing well enough to force a tiebreaker; yet he/she loses the tiebreaker winning only one point.

Nicolas Mahut (l) and Pierre-Hugues Herbert (r)

Serving for the match may be the most critical juncture of any tennis match and it is therefore no surprise that some players crack under the pressure. This pressure is multiplied tenfold when you are serving for the title. If you serve well and play well the match is yours; however, if you lose your focus, it may cost you not only the set but also the match and the title. Remember “pressure is a privilege”, but not everyone handles it well.

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