Playing Tennis In New York

The public parks are the cheapest places to play tennis if you live in New York and do not want to pay the high prices for a private court. To play in the public parks, however, you need a full-season permit, or you can buy a single play permit for $15.00 (cash only) every time you want to play.

Full-season tennis permits for adults (18-61) are $100 for the season (April-November). Discounts are available for kids, younger teens, and seniors (62 years and older pay only $20 for the season).

Lockers are available at Central Park Tennis at $20 per season.

How To Get A Tennis Permit

You can purchase your permit online, or you can go to Paragon Sports located at 867 Broadway on 18th Street (212-255-8036), or the Arsenal on 64th Street (212-360-8131).

Courts Are In All 5 Boroughs of NY

BRONX: there are 13 public court facilities in the Bronx. The smallest location has two (2) courts and the largest has twenty-two (22) courts.

BROOKLYN: there are 23 public court facilities in Brooklyn. The smallest location has one (1) court and the largest location has fifteen (15) courts.

Early morning in Central Park.

MANHATTAN: there are 9 public court facilities in NYC. The smallest location (Washington Market Park) has one (1) court and the largest location (Central Park) has thirty (30).

QUEENS: there are 28 public court facilities in Queens. The smallest has one (1) court and the largest has twenty (20) courts.

STATEN ISLAND: there are only 5 public court facilities in Staten Island, three of which have only two (2) courts and the largest has six (6) courts.

The courts are available on a first come first serve basis; however, you can reserve a court by paying a little extra ($15) online or in person the day before you play (or up to seven days before you plan to play) or the same day you plan to play.

Rules Of The Courts

These are public courts, and everyone wants to enjoy them; however, that can only happen if everyone follows the rules.

  • Wear only tennis sneakers on the courts.
  • At the Central Park courts, you are only allowed to use three (3) balls on court; however, some sites may allow you to use up to six (6) balls.
  • While you may enjoy socializing, the courts are for playing tennis; go to Starbucks or a coffee shop if you want to chat and catch up.
  • Both parties must be present no later than ten minutes before the hour you plan to play, or you may lose your court.

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