Pressure, No One Likes Pressure

things pressure likes

Everyone experiences pressure at some point in their lives; however, athletes may experience it more frequently than most. No one likes pressure; there is no pleasure in feeling a racing heart, sweaty palms or rapid breathing. While it may appear that some tennis players handle the pressure better than others, everyone is negatively affected by…

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Pliskova Deflates Osaka’s Balloon

Pliskova deflates Osaka's Balloon

Toray PPO Tennis, Japan Championship Match:  [7] Naomi Osaka (JPN) vs. [8] Karolina Pliskova (CZE) Their head-to-head was dead even at 1:1 coming into the final, with Osaka winning their most recent encounter.  There are a lot of similarities in their games with a couple of glaring differences: Osaka is a major champion and she…

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MOVER OF THE WEEK: Andrey Rublev


SIGNIFICANT RANKING CHANGES FOR THE WEEK OF 09.10.2018 The mover of the week honors go to Andrey Rublev. Rublev fell thirty-three places to number seventy-one when he lost in the first round of the US Open. The Russian was a quarterfinalist last year and his inability to defend those quarterfinal points resulted in a decline…

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Osaka Defeats Williams For US Open Title

Osaka wins Indian Wells

US Open, New York Women’s Championship:  [19] Naomi Osaka (JPN) vs. [26] Serena Williams (USA) It was a meeting between the future and the past. Osaka is a young player (20 years old) on the cusp of perhaps a brilliant career versus a once dominant number one, who owns twenty-three major titles. History favored Williams,…

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