Federer could not rise to the occasion


Men’s Semifinal: [CR3] Roger Federer (SUI) vs. [CR16] Marin Cilic (CRO)

In a match that everyone expected Federer to win, Cilic had other ideas. Cilic was focused and believed that he should win this encounter.  He came out firing on all cylinders; he got maximal benefit from his serve, his groundstrokes flew by too fast for Federer to catch, and he kept Federer looking befuddled.

Federer seemed plagued by nerves or perhaps his inconsistent play was a result of fatigue.  Federer tried, he broke but could not consolidate.  He was not getting in position to execute his lethal backhand or forehand shots, and many of them went long or into the net.

Federer left the court stunned after losing 6-3, 6-4, 6-4 to a player he has dominated. The belief that players can now beat members of the “fabled top four” is growing.  In one day, two of “the four” were dispatched by players not currently in the top ten.  Surprise may be the response of many; however, it was only a matter of time, change is the one thing that you can rely on in life and tennis is not exempt.

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