Never gives up

Shanghai Rolex Masters, China

[CR5] David Ferrer (ESP) never concedes defeat without a fight.  [CR11] Andy Murray (GBR) knew that despite leading their head-to-head, success today was not guaranteed. Murray has been gradually getting back to form after being sidelined by back surgery in 2013 and his confidence is not high.  Ferrer  has been struggling all season and some unexplained losses has shaken his confidence.

They were both playing scared, there was very little offensive tennis or authoritative ball striking; instead, they both pushed the ball around the court hoping the other player would make a mistake.  In set one, the unforced errors came from Ferrer and he easily lost that set, 2-6.  In set two, the roles were reversed, Murray could not keep the ball in play and Ferrer won the set, 6-1.

The third set tested their confidence, which one had the most belief in their game? Murray continued to push the ball and Ferrer’s belief grew with each point won, and he started hitting the ball with more conviction.  How far will this level of play take Ferrer? His next opponent may not be as lenient.

SCORE: Ferrer d. Murray, 2-6, 6-1, 6-2.

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