Does on court coaching enhance or detract from the game?

MY TWO CENTS: The WTA first introduced on court coaching in 2008. It was a broadcasting initiative designed to increase fan interest by giving them an inside look at player-coach interaction; however, in most instances, the coaching in not done in English and English speaking fans cannot participate in the exchange, so it adds nothing to the game for those fans. Even when the coaching is done in English, it still detracts from the game.  Part of the appeal of tennis is watching each player figure out their opponent’s game and adjust their plans accordingly.  When a coach gets involved during the breaks, it undermines the player’s ability to think on their feet.  Just as studying is done at home before the final exam, coaching should be done on the practice courts before live matches, not during.  However, given the recent announcement by the WTA and SAP SE, it seems that on court coaching is here to stay.

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  1. I totally agree. It’s unfortunate that on court coaching is being allowed. It’s definitely going to be distraction to everyone whether in English or not.

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