Serving woes for Stan

Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, London

Round Robin, Day 4: [CR1] Novak Djokovic (SRB) vs. [CR4] Stan Wawrinka (SUI)

The doubles matches have been more electrifying and the quality of tennis has been higher in comparison to the singles matches.  The singles matches have been one-sided affairs; hampered perhaps by nerves, the losing players have wilted easily under the pressure and never recovered to put up any resistance to their trouncing.  This match was more of the same, bland.

Wawrinka served poorly and although he went up a break, his lead was tenuous because he did not gain the break by playing quality tennis, but rather by Djokovic being a bit cold his first service game.  Djokovic quickly warmed up and took control of the first set.

The second set was a continuation of the first, Wawrinka continued serving poorly, made too many backhand errors, and shoveled his forehands instead of hitting them with authority.  He was never engaged in the match.  There was never any doubt that Djokovic would win, rather it was a question of how many games he would surrender. The answer was not long in coming and Djokovic won yet again, 6-3, 6-0.

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