2015 Australian Open

Who will claim the first major trophy of the season?  After all the excitement and anticipation about the new crop of talented young players, the final four is set and the survivors remain old familiar faces.

Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova have been battling each other for over a decade.  They withstood the challenge of the up and coming young players, refusing to concede their top positions just yet.  They recognize that their reign will eventually come to an end, as time remains the one opponent that will defeat them; however, for now, they will delay the inevitable and battle once more for a coveted major trophy. Sharapova has not beaten Williams since  the Tour Championships final in 2004.  Does she finally change the outcome this final and prevent Serena from claiming her 19th Major title?

Andy Murray versus Novak Djokovic, familiar foes as well.  As members of the fabled top four, they have dominated tennis for almost a decade.  They too met and repelled the challenge of their younger counterparts, proving once again that it is not that easy to dethrone them.  Murray has not beaten Djokovic since Wimbledon 2013.  Can he put it all together to upset the reigning men’s number one and claim his third major trophy?


    1. You do not have to be the biggest fan, all fans are welcome. Our objective is to capture the interest of all tennis fans and get them involved in discussions, expressing their views and ideas about tennis at every level.

    1. Maybe some of the other players may have something to say about that. Don’t write off Andy Murray just yet, Federer can still impede his progress and there is still a player named Rafael Nadal that may want to prevent his acquisition of more titles. Of course, there is also a new batch of young players, all very hungry to make their mark, that may have a thing or two to say about that. Should be exciting to see what happens at the majors going forward.

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