Pushed, again


[CR6] Agnieszka Radwanska (POL) vs. [CR18] Venus Williams (USA)

Venus was pushed again. Although she started off focused, striking the ball well and pushing Radwanska back with the pace and depth of her shots.  She took the first set and hoped this would be easier than her previous match.  However, Radwanska is a top ranked player and was not ready to concede defeat. Finding her game, Radwanska fought back to take the second set.  This is the first major of the year and the top players are cognizant of the possibility of upsets.  No player is exempt.  The victors have all earned their victories, leaving everything on court to secure the win.

That is what Venus did again in her match against Radwanska.  Somehow, she has been able to tap into her reserves.  The motivation, she does not want to lose.  Aware of the rapid passage of time, Venus is hoping to make it to another major final. To get there though, she will have to play at her very best.  Pushed to three sets in her previous match, and now this, Venus must be exhausted.  Yet, adrenaline goes a long way in propelling one to the finish line. Venus stopped the recent run of three consecutive losses to Radwanska and won 6-3, 2-6, 6-1.

Can Venus turn back the hands of time and make it to another major final?

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