Are they ready?

The first major (Australian Open) of the 2015 season is less than a week away and fans must be curious about the chances of the player(s) they follow.  I am excited at the prospect of this first major challenge for all the players; however, I am specifically interested in how Serena and Rafa are going to respond.

Is Serena still capable of elevating her game as she has done so many times before?

Recent evidence speaks to the contrary.

Will Rafa find his reserve of confidence in time to perform at the level that we know he is capable of?

Winning the doubles in Doha may have given him a boost; however, is it enough?

The questions arise because success on the tennis court is not simply about one’s talents.  Success, as in all competitive sport, results from a combination of mental and physical fitness in addition to one’s natural talent.  Federer is a great example of a naturally gifted athlete, he moves gracefully and his strokes for the most part are fluid.  Venus in the prime of her career had that gift.  They can win even when they are less than 100% mentally fit. Serena and Rafa have to work a little harder to produce their results and for them mental fitness is an absolute necessity; therefore, are they mentally fit enough to perform successfully at this Australian Open.

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  1. Love the insight into a world that is semi foreign to us “not avid” tennis fans. After reading a few of the blogs I felt I was court side. Great job, maybe I will continue to read weekly.

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