Keys controls her emotions

012015 Madison KeysFamily Circle Cup, Charleston

[CR20] Madison Keys (USA) vs. [CR107] Andreea Mitu (ROU)

There could be no other outcome, victory for Keys was all but guaranteed against Mitu; however, given the recent volatile emotional state of Keys, nothing was guaranteed. She has many weapons, but mental strength is something she has to work on.  It comes with maturity for some tennis players and for others it never develops.  It’s the ability to fight when the odds are against you, to dig deep when you are not playing your best, and even if the outcome is a loss, there will be long-term benefits. Sometimes the unwillingness to fight comes from doubt.  You lack belief in your ability to meet the challenge; yet, you may surprise yourself if you try.  In her recent loss to Stephens, Keys gave up too easily.  If she hopes to be number one in the future, she will have to adjust her attitude.  There will always be days when you don’t feel like giving one hundred percent, there will also be days when you gave one hundred percent and still things went awry; however, a champion will always fight.


SCORE: Keys def. Mitu 6-2, 6-0

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  1. I guess the million dollar question would be “how does one gain mental strength?” or better, how do we put aside our emotions and short comings when we are being challenged? After all, no matter the situation, it is difficult for one to remain focused if there is the baggage of emotions on our shoulder. I am not sure if she gave up too easily, rather, the inability to handle her stress during the match may have overwhelmed her.

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