Second Round For Shelby Rogers

2015 ShelbyFamily Circle Cup, Charleston

[CR64] Silvia Soler-Espinosa (ESP) vs. [CR80] Shelby Rogers (USA)

Rogers got off to a great start in her match today against Soler-Espinosa. She contained her enthusiasm and stayed focused on her goal, win the match.  Getting to the second round for Rogers was a major accomplishment as she has struggled this year getting out of the first round at every WTA tournament she has entered.  Like Soler-Espinosa, she is also struggling to find her game.  In Soler-Espinosa’s case, her deteriorating performance seems to be due to her persistent right shoulder issues.  However, Rogers may be struggling simply because she has to get comfortable with the idea of competing at a higher level consistently day in and day out.

This 6-3, 6-1 victory should be a positive boost to her confidence and perhaps alleviate some of the tension within.  It would be great to see the Rogers who played quality tennis last season from July to September. Like so many tennis players, she has had her battle with injury and it’s wonderful to see her healthy again. Is this the tournament where she demonstrates how talented she is?  It is never easy living up to your potential on the tennis court and if you lack the killer instinct it may be even more difficult.

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