Federer vs. Monfils, to be continued….

052015 RF1ROLAND GARROS, Paris05312015 GM2

[CR2] Roger Federer (SUI) vs. [CR14] Gael Monfils (FRA)

It was one of the matches that everyone wanted to see.  Many waited with bated breath in anticipation of which Monfils would show up today.  Sadly, Monfils did not show up until the second set.  His performance was lacking on every front, a matter of tension or exhaustion?  We have become accustomed to Monfils’ acrobatics and on court drama, but today he was simply flat in the first set.

Federer on the other hand was the consummate professional; he arrived ready to play from the first point.  He knows that an engaged Monfils is a dangerous opponent and he wanted to silent the crowd and prevent Monfils from using their energy.  It worked in the first set, but Monfils woke up in the second and it changed the dynamics of the match completely. They are all tied up at a set a piece, who will win tomorrow?

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  1. It all depends on which Monfils shows up to play tomorrow. If the same Monfils who played so well in the second set shows up, he has every chance of taking Fed down, yet again. However, Monfils now claims to have a cold…so who knows???!!

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