Congratulations to Serena Williams

Serena Williams won her 20th Major Championship title today at Roland Garros.


FRENCH OPEN          3

WIMBLEDON              5

US OPEN                    6

Williams is now two titles away from winning her first calendar year Grand Slam and she can also tie Steffi Graf for the second most singles major titles in the open era.

This was a hard-fought victory.  For the majority of this tournament, she battled worthy opponents, physical ailments and self-imposed demands.

With each major, the pressure will continue to mount and Serena Williams knows that she will have to use all her resources to negate the pressure and play her best tennis if she wants to win the Grand Salm.  Everyone knows that she has the talent, but we are also aware that she has shown some vulnerability when it gets close to the majors.  In case we have forgotten, she is also not as young as she used to be and each outing has to be taking a physical toll despite her superior fitness.  Yet, we have also come to expect that Williams can find ways to surprise and baffle us when we least expect her to and that is why we keep watching.  What knew stunts will she pull?  We know that drama seems to have become a regular feature of her matches, can she get to the final of a major without any drama?


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  1. Congratulations indeed. This was such an intense match. There was a point where I thought it was all down hill. However, I think Williams realized where she was, and why she was there, and suddenly jolted back to life, and played with such power. She was able to make such a phenomenal comeback which led to her win. Way to go Serena – I am so happy for your win.

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