Vacancy at Roland Garros

062015 Novak Djokovic     062015 AMROLAND GARROS, Paris

[CR1] Novak Djokovic (SRB) vs. [CR3] Andy Murray (GBR)

Vacancy in the French Open Final, who will fill the final spot?  Occupant to be decided tomorrow once play is concluded. Djokovic seemed to be in full control of the match, winning the first two sets fairly easily.  Murray was unable to make a dent in Djokovic’s game. Serving to go up 6-5, Djokovic suddenly stumbled, distracted perhaps by the prospect of making another final at Roland Garros. Fully aware that he is the favorite to finally win his first French Open title, he got a tad anxious and surrendered his first game to Murray.  The tension persisted in the fourth set and he was broken for the second time in the match.

Unfortunately, Murray did not consolidate that break and play was suspended at 3-3 due to rain.  This delay can either help or hurt both players.  Murray finally finding his rhythm may rue the delay, or may benefit because he was beginning to look a bit winded during the extended rallies.  Djokovic may benefit from the delay and regain his focus, or he may be upset because he had just re-established himself in the set. In any event, let’s hope for an exciting match tomorrow once play resumes. Murray needs to be alert from the start because Djokovic will want to restore his dominance immediately.

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