Zverev vs. Baghdatis

062015 MBAegon Open Nottingham, Great Britain

[CR59] Marcos Baghdatis (CYP) vs. [CR76] Alexander Zverev (GER)

The one thing that these two players have in common is that they are both riding the wave of success that comes from playing quality tennis.  The biggest difference between theses two players,  they are at opposite ends of their career.  Zverev is just beginning his and his potential appears limitless. Baghdatis is at the tail end of his and perhaps there are regrets about unfulfilled potential.  Each was hoping for success today.  For Zverev, success would validate all the sacrifices and hours of hard work on the practice court; however, for Baghdatis, the hope was to infuse some life into his stagnant career.

Baghdatis is giving one last concentrated effort to see what he can accomplish in the twilight of his career.  His dreams perhaps include visions of hoisting a few more trophies. Therefore, they were both powerfully motivated to defeat the other.  One saw his future stretching out endlessly before him while the other saw the finish line rapidly approaching. Today the experience of age gave Baghdatis the advantage he needed over his young opponent.  He maintained his composure while Zverev became frustrated. Zverev was distracted by too many things and it took away from his tennis.  Zverev defeated two quality opponents in the process and that is a positive that he can take away from this experience. Today was not a good day for him and Baghdatis won 63, 63.

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  1. This was quite interesting – both players are at the opposite end of the spectrum, but both trying to complete the same thing, winning. Baghdatis was obviously playing with multiple purposes. Of course he wants to win, but I do believe that he wanted to leave his mark as he mentally and physically prepare to wrap up his tennis career. Continue focusing, and go out with a bang.

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