5 Remain In Week Two


Week two play begins tomorrow.  Traditionally, there are no matches played on the middle Sunday at Wimbledon.

128 singles players began their quest to capture one of the four coveted Major title and trophy.

64 seeded male and female players.

32 players remain to play in the second week. Their dream is very much alive.  There may be a higher probability of fulfilling that dream for some players than others; nevertheless, each individual’s pursuit warrants the same respect.

26 Seeded players remain.

  • 14 men
  • 12 women

23 American entered the singles main draw.

  • 16 American females
  • 7 American males

5 American players are still in the draw to pursue their dream.  Unfortunately, in the process of individual success, at least one American will fail to make it into the quarterfinals. Sadly, that’s the luck of the draw. They will continue their quest, carrying the pressure not only of their desire, but also from the expectation of American fans.

2 The number of players that will have their dream fulfilled at the end of the tournament.  A moment each will cherish and will remain forever etched in their memories.  An accomplishment that will be recorded in the annals of tennis history.

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