The Rematch, Who Wins?

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Women’s Semifinal: [CR1] Serena Williams (USA) vs. [CR4] Maria Sharapova (RUS)

This is a rematch of their 2015 Australian Open Final, won by Williams.  It is the match that has been highly anticipated since the draw came out. There was always the possibility for one or both of them to run into an in form opponent and get knocked out of the tournament. It has happened before. Williams came extremely close to losing to Heather Watson in the third round and was pushed again in the quarterfinals by Victoria Azarenka.  Although Sharapova had a bit of a battle against Coco Vandeweghe in the quarterfinals, prior to that she has had the easier time of the two this Wimbledon.  Does that mean she is playing better tennis that Williams?

The predictions are flying that this is Sharapova’s time and she will stun Williams tomorrow. Despite the 2:17 head-to-head record, Sharapova has shown that she is willing to change her game to get the results she desires.  She came close a few times, extending their matches to three sets; yet, she just could not take the final step to victory.  There is always a possibility that on any given day, every player can lose.  I don’t think Williams will lose tomorrow; however, this is only valid if Williams stays focused the entire match.  I think in spite of the incredible amount of pressure she is feeling, something about playing Sharapova gets her motivated.  Let’s hope it’s enough to get her to the final.

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  1. Many times it appears that Serena is struggling and we fear that she is not playing well, she’s not focused, etc., etc. Too much drama!! But, somehow she manages to pull it out and win the match. I have no doubt that the semi final match between her and Sharapova will not be any different. It won’t be easy but Serena will pull it off as only she can. Mark my words!!

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