Too Close For Comfort


[CR1] Serena Williams (USA) vs. [CR59] Heather Watson (GBR)

I am sorry I doubted that Williams would pull off another miraculous comeback. This one was simply too close for comfort. Williams was so tense and the thought of what she would be one step closer to accomplishing if she won was too overwhelming. She won the first set easily 6-2.  Perhaps a combination of Williams being focused and Watson being a tad starry-eyed.

The unravelling process of Williams began in the second set.  She fought back from the deficit and through her tension, but against a quality opponent like Watson, it was not enough.  The third set was even worse, Williams went down 0-3, before somehow she was able to claw her way back into the match and even the set.  Then we saw the effect the occasion was having on both players. For Watson, it would be a phenomenal victory not only for herself, but also for Great Britain. The weight of expectation of an entire nation was on her shoulders. For Williams, the burden was the prospect of keeping her dream alive for her 21st Major title and her first calendar Grand Slam.

The drama was incredible, the tension was extreme and in the end, Williams found a way to avoid the upset at the hands Watson.  Williams won 6-2, 4-6, 7-5.  Unfortunately, her tension will be elevated even before she steps on court for her next match because she faces her sister, [CR16] Venus Williams.

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  1. This was definitely too close for comfort. I just knew that Serena would not be victorious this time – but she proved me wrong. I knew that this was a huge deal for Serena, so one can only imagine what she was feeling throughout the entire game. When Serena went down 0-3, that was where I had to change the channel, I thought for sure that it was the end for her. Once again, I must say “I am so proud of you Serena”. She is determined, and despite what it looked like, she found a way to put the anxiety, nerves, and everything else that she was feeling, and came out a winner.

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