Federer Reclaims the Lead

08232015 RFWestern & Southern Open, Cincinnati

Men’s Final: [CR1] Novak Djokovic (SRB) vs. [CR3] Roger Federer (SUI)

Federer reclaimed the lead and denied Djokovic his shot at making history, at least for this year. It was a final that had historic significance once again for Djokovic. If he had won, it would have given him the career Golden Masters. It would have been another significant accomplishment to add to his already impressive portfolio and also something that no other player has achieved. Yet, a trend seems to be developing for Djokovic, the more he desires something, the harder it appears for him to grasp. Two accomplishments remain just outside his reach: Roland Garros and the Western and Southern Open.

They were all tied up at twenty wins each, and a battle was expected. Even after Djokovic lost the first set, I expected him to fight back; however, Federer was on point today and was all controlled aggression. Djokovic was just a tad flat, perhaps a bit fatigued from having some extended battles in his previous matches. Perhaps the pressure of wanting something too badly, whatever the reason, he could not stop Federer today. Winning the first set was more crucial for Djokovic today. Once he lost that and went down the early break, he seemed to lose his will to fight. Federer claimed his seventh Cincinnati title with the 7-6(1), 6-3 defeat of Djokovic. With this victory, Federer secured the number two rank and guarantees that he will be the number two seed at the US Open.

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  1. I’m really beginning to believe that the pressure of achieving a milestone is too much for even the top players. Will Serena win the US Open? Djokovic’s inability to win the elusive French and the Golden Masters. What must go through their heads at that moment? Nerves, confidence? We know they can do it but do they?? As you said, once Novak lost the first set and went down a break in the 2nd, he all but gave up. You could tell from his body language that he had lost the will to fight. Oh well, I’m looking forward to the US Open to see how these gifted atheletes rebound.

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