A Strange Match From Diyas

Toray Pan Pacific Open, Tokyo

[CR37] Madison Brengle (USA)  vs. [CR41] Zarina Diyas (KAZ)

It was a very strange match between two players known for their fierce competitive nature; yet, it appeared that Diyas was not at her best.  I have watched quite a bit of Brengle’s matches to know that she is a player that usually does not quit.  She may get frustrated and talk to herself a lot, but it never prevents her from fighting to get the victory when things are not going her way; thus, if you win, it’s because you beat her fair and square.  It’s hard to watch a match where one opponent appears unmotivated.  I am not sure what was wrong with Diyas, if anything, but she never got into the match.  Even when she broke in the second set and had a chance to potentially get back in the match, she seemed disengaged from the whole experience.  Mentally she just was not there and when that happens, inevitably the physical aspect of your game disappears.  A lack of interest combined with a slew of errors and Brengle came away the easy 6-2, 6-2 victory.  Next up for Brengle will be a familiar opponent, Angelique Kerber. They met earlier this year and Kerber got the better of Brengle.  Brengle will be looking to change that outcome in this match.  Can she find a way to upset the German?

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