What Happened To Serena?

Post Analysis: US OPEN 

The dust has settled and tennis continues; yet, many people are still pondering what happened to Serena Williams in the semifinals.  I am still getting text messages asking me, “What happened to my girl Serena?”  Serena Williams may not realize or even appreciate how many people were following her quest for the Calendar Grand Slam.  Many fans felt the loss as if it was a personal loss.  It was not just simply another match or loss.  Music is not the only thing that transcends the barriers, sports also transcends the barriers.  As much as we do not like to admit it in public, racism still exists; thus, Williams’ achievement of the Calendar Grand Slam would have meant a lot, especially to the black race.  It’s not that we wanted Williams to have that added pressure; however, it was the reality and part of the weight that she carried on her shoulders when she stepped on the court against Roberta Vinci.

Why did Serena Williams fall prey to the pressure?  Although pressure can motivate, too much pressure can become a hindrance.  I think it was simply too much pressure. She wanted this so badly, it was no longer a positive, it became a burden too heavy to handle on the day of the semifinals.  She had the pressure of her own desires, which alone was enough to distract her.  Add the pressure of the world and you begin to comprehend the magnitude of the pressure that was weighing Williams down.  Thus, it was not only the weight of her racquet that she had to deal with every time she swung at the ball.  After winning the first set, it should have gotten easier, instead she fell apart. The emotional battle she fought to suppress her thoughts and feelings became too much to cope with, in addition to the inspired play of her determined opponent.

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