Tomic Lets Baghdatis Off The Hook

If Stockholm Open, Sweden

[CR18] Bernard Tomic (AUS) vs. [CR46] Marcos Baghdatis

Tomic is another talented young tennis player that often leaves you frustrated after watching his matches.  Some players come on tour driven by their desire for success and they give a hundred percent daily no matter the opposition.  Then there are some players that give seventy-five percent effort sometimes and they occasionally get the victory. Imagine how much more successful they would be if they gave a hundred percent all the time.  Tomic is one of those players, if he can maintain his interest in a match long enough to give a hundred percent he would have more titles by now. He has been sidelined my numerous injuries and surgeries; however, it’s not all a result of physical issues.  His problems start with his mental state and whether he wins or loses depends entirely on what’s going on his head during the match. Twice he had the lead in this match and yet he lost because of his apparent disinterest in the outcome.

I remember Baghdatis when he first came on tour and so much was expected of him, especially after he pushed Roger Federer in the Australian Open Final in 2006. Then as often happens, he did not handle success well.  Now back on tour after an extended time-off due to injury, it’s a pleasure to watch that Baghdatis once again.  “The Baghdatis” that captivates the audience with his brilliant smile. His obvious enjoyment on the court comes out in his passionate and enthusiastic thumping of his chest when he fights for the victory and gains it. The contrast between the two players could not be more evident. Baghdatis uses his passion to positively propel him through rough patches in his matches, while Tomic uses his to be destructive. Baghdatis also now exudes a certain calm, something that comes with maturity for some players and for others, it never happens. Baghdatis defeated Tomic 7-6(7), 6-3.

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