Bud Collins

Mr. Collins was a veteran tennis journalist, a unique man who made tennis fascinating. He was born  Arthur Worth Collins, Jr June 17, 1929 and died March 4, 2016.  He will be missed by millions.

I had the honor of meeting him in 1999 at a gala at the 1999 Australian Open. I am sure our meeting was inconsequential to him, I was merely another tennis fan, but in spite of that he was courteous, friendly and warm toward me. The power of his personality was apparent, as was his generosity.

As an avid tennis fan for decades, I have always sought out Mr. Collins’ brilliant commentary.  He was a fountain of knowledge about tennis and life, and his unique approach to tennis journalism made him stand out in a crowded field. He taught me a lot over the years and I will truly miss him. He had not been in good health for some time, and I always paid careful attention when any news was shared about him in the past few years.  Mr. Collins’ passing brings sadness not only to his family,  but also for the millions of fans who like me enjoyed his original perspective.  May he rest in peace and may his family find comfort in God.


  1. I did not know of him until I read this blog. Anyone who is remembered so exquisitely as this blog dictates need to be honored and acknowledged. Rest in eternal peace Mr. Collins. Thanks for your impact on humanity.

  2. A great tribute to Mr Collins….he appeared to be a well respected and knowledgeable gentleman in his field of journalism (and love of tennis) and life itself….the best part is he got to make a living at what he loved doing the most! May he rest in peace.

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