Serena’s Burdens

We have come to expect so much from Serena that we often forget how much pressure she must feel every time she steps on court.  Less we forget how much she has accomplished, let’s take a look at her professional career.   Serena turned professional in September 1995.  Her ranking record from 1997 showed her as being ranked in the top 100.  Since then, she has only been ranked outside of the top ten five times at the end of the year.  She has been ranked number one five times at the end of the year.  She was currently ranked as number one for 186 consecutive weeks, tying the record held by Steffi  Graf (Stefanie Maria Graf).  It’s easy as fans and commentators to make disparaging comments, but as the records show, only one other tennis player has more Major titles that Serena Williams and that is Margaret Court (24).  Serena currently has twenty-two; will she ever get to twenty-three?  Does it really matter?

I have admired Serena and Venus Williams from the day they stepped on the tennis courts.  I have not always admired their fashion sense, but I admired their game and integrity on the tennis court.  I would love to see Serena get to number twenty-five; however, time is against her and as we have seen, the pressure of playing quality tennis week in and week out is becoming too much in addition to the immense psychological pressure she must feel trying to achieve those tennis goals she has set for herself.  In a weird way, I think this may have been a good thing for Serena.  She will take the time off to heal her banged up mind and body and come back in 2017 with renewed purpose and intensity.  We are very proud of her no matter what and we hope that the 2017 season will see her fulfill her tennis goals.


  1. Well said!
    We must remember that this is what is called ” The Open Era”. Court records were when there were few women touring. Serena has faced innumerable opponents and she has always demonstrated her caliber. No wonder she has been named athlete of the yr. She is by far the best tennis female player ever!

    1. So true and to accomplish what she has under these difficult conditions:better equipment, fitter players and more tournaments,is truly a testament of how great she is.

      1. I do not think Serena wants people to feel sorry for her. Her record on the court is undeniable and speaks for itself. Her expectations of herself probably are likely far worse than those of the public. Her words during her interview after the match shows her level of integrity. She acknowledged and praised her opponent’s game as she should have and the lack lusterness of her own game. I admire her sense of fair play as much as her record on the court. I have no doubt that Serena will reflect on her performance this week and determine for herself what her next steps should be. I firmly believe that her future performance, as with her past one, will solely be based on her sheer talent and dedication to the game itself as well as her own might, public opinion not withstanding. Cheers!

    1. Yes….not only to see Serena back in top form, but also hoping Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will be back to give us some quality men’s tennis matches😉

  2. I must agree. Serena is by far the best female tennis player ever. Will she make it to 23 – does it matter? Absolutely not! With her talent, determination and accomplishments; however the story ends, her name and her legacy will forever be remembered. I am extremely proud of her accomplishments.

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