Tennis Outside The Tour

Tennis can be enjoyed at any level and it is a great sport for all ages.  Sometimes it is difficult for the average fans to get good seats at the major tournaments.  One way to get great seats is to check out smaller tournaments and/or a World Team Tennis (WTT) match.  Fans are so close to the players, you really get involved and feel a part of the event.  The atmosphere is definitely laid-back and although they are all competing hard, the players seem to enjoy themselves immensely.

2010 WTT Abigail Spears I had the opportunity to go to a match on July 7th, 2010.  I was thrilled as usual to be doing anything that involved tennis; however, I was unprepared for the overall experience being so entertaining.  It definitely had to do with the size of the arena and the relaxed attitude of the players.  I think WTT gives some of the top players an opportunity to enjoy tennis outside of the rigorous demands of the Tour; plus, it gives the singles players the experience of belonging to a team.

I had a blast plus I got some cool pictures with James Blake.  I also got to see a lot of tennis stars who play on the tour that I otherwise would not have seen, amongst them was doubles specialist Abigail Spears.

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