Avoid Maliciously Selfish People

We are all selfish, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not is a different story.  I do not think selfishness is necessarily a bad thing in and of itself; however, when you are malicious in your selfishness that’s when I think it becomes a bad character trait.  You have to be selfish sometimes, put your needs before those of others, especially when it means doing otherwise would compromise your health.  You may want to help everyone, but sometimes you just have to say “no”.  Yet, some people do not understand why you said “no”; they are personally affronted and take it as a sign that you do not care.  Perhaps you need to reconsider if those people are worthy of your help.

A caring and compassionate person should be capable of understanding why you said “no”, even without an explanation.  If they do not, then you need to understand that this person is being maliciously selfish and does not really care about your needs.  You cannot get all of your wants and needs fulfilled the instant you snap your fingers and that is a very wrong message to send to your children by giving them everything they want.  Life does not work that way.  Sometimes you will have to accept “no” and be content with that.  It’s when you feel entitled and think that “no” does not apply to you that you get into trouble.  We all know people who always want their needs met but never care to help others get their needs met, those people are maliciously selfish and you want to avoid them. You want to surround yourself by people who are considerate of your needs as well as their own. Treat others the way you want to be treated and you will be at peace.



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  1. I agree with your post, people who are selfish I tend to stay away from. I must say that is one of the character traits I have no tolerance for. I will say that I am not the least bit selfish. My problem is that I am constantly putting the needs of others before my own – which sometimes leaves me without. This character trait is not healthy, and I am well aware of it. Perhaps you can write a piece on it. I am tired of people telling me I need to be a little selfish.

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