Honesty Is The Best Policy

We all grew up hearing “you should not lie”.  For many Christians, it is one of the Ten Commandments and something they strive to avoid doing; yet, many of us would be quick to admit that we are guilty of lying.  There are many purists who will say that there is never a reason to lie; however, as much as I agree with that, I will also say that many people “can’t handle the truth” (famous line from the movie, “A Few Good Men”).  Have you ever told your wife or girlfriend that her outfit did not work?  Remember the look of hurt on their face and your promise to never tell the truth again about their appearance.

 Everyone struggles with the truth when it contradicts what they believe.  No one wants to think they are not thin, smart or beautiful enough; thus, many of us have learned to tiptoe around sensitive topics.  I have learned that sometimes silence is the best response, but even then, your lack of response is telling and you still get treated coldly because you did not respond in the manner they wanted.  So what should you do when your job is on the line and to keep it you may be forced to lie? 

I have often been told that life is not black or white and that there are many shades of grey, perhaps this is one of those subjects that fall into the shades of grey category? Is there such a thing as a good reason to lie?  Lying contradicts my beliefs  and I struggle spiritually whenever I have been forced to bend the truth on a few occasions. Despite that, I would say that I am basically an honest person and I have endured the negative consequences for my honesty on many occasions. 


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