McHale Served A Bagel To Muguruza

Miami Open, USA

[6] Garbine Muguruza (ESP) vs. [46] Christina McHale (USA)

Tied at 1:1 going into this match, I was unsure what to expect.  Both players can play brilliantly when committed and not distracted; however, like every other player, they can also play poorly when that is not the case and we have seen both ends of the spectrum from McHale and Muguruza recently.  Last night, McHale came out focused, determined perhaps to erase the memories of her first round loss at last week’s Indian Wells tournament.  Muguruza on the other hand came out agitated and distracted by something and her opponent was quick to use this to her advantage and won the first set 6-0 (the dreaded bagel) in less than thirty minutes.  If Muguruza wants to win, she can elevate her game and do just that.  McHale has been vulnerable with leads and she would be tested in the second set to maintain this level of play and stay calm enough to execute her game with accuracy.

Unfortunately, rain came and the match was suspended.  Does this postponement help Muguruza, giving her time to regroup?  Did this delay hurt McHale, who went to bed wondering if she can maintain her level of play today and get her second victory over her opponent? The interruption definitely came at an inopportune moment for McHale.  However, she can use it to her advantage if she remembers to play the way she started the match last night and remember all she has to do now is hold her serve (she is up a break) and she’s into the third round.  Yet, there is always that one variable that plays havoc with everyone’s game, the mind.  Will she be able to tame the doubts and calm the nerves enough to get the job done?  She leads Muguruza 6-0, 3-2; unfortunately, she could not and lost 6-0, 6-7(6), 4-6.


SOURCE OF IMAGES: Reuters/Zimbio

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