Bullying In Any Form Is Unacceptable

When I first came to this country, I was subjected to emotional and verbal bullying; however, because I chose not to be a victim, it never affected me the way that I know it can negatively affect some.

  • I never thought that I deserved to be bullied because I was not good enough
  • I ignored them and when possible avoided them
  • I realized that they were jealous and insecure
  • I had a loving network of family and friends that shielded me from their attempt to hurt and manipulate me

The primary reasons for bullying is to make the one doing the bullying feel powerful and better about themselves.  Sadly, if you have ever been exposed to bullying, had a stressful/abusive family life, suffer from low self-esteem and are craving attention, you may think that bullying is an option to make you feel better; however, bullying is not the answer. Seek professional psychological counselling if you have these issues, but do not resort to bullying because it is wrong on every level to bully another person.  Imagine how you would feel if someone bullied you.  Whether it’s cyber, emotional, physical or verbal, bullying is always a painful experience for the recipient.

Anyone who has ever been bullied or is currently being bullied:

  • should report the person doing the bullying immediately to someone in authority (if applicable)
  • talk to someone you trust about the experience
  • find healthy ways to deal with your pain
  • realize that you were targeted because someone wants what you have (jealousy)
  • when at all possible walk away, avoid or block the person(s) doing the bullying
  • contact stopbullying.gov or NCAB

We live in a world where some people have developed poor coping skills and struggle with handling differences and their own emotional issues. This does not make bullying acceptable; however, it gives you an insight into why it may happen and perhaps ultimately help to stop the person(s) doing the bullying. It’s unfortunate that Madison Keys has been subjected to cyber bullying and we admire her for fighting back.


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