Tennis Players Missing From Action

tennis players missing from action

W&S Open, USA 

Injury continues take a toll on the game of many tennis players and three have been forced to end their season prematurely. Hopefully the remainder will recover in time for the last major of the season, which is less than two weeks away.

Andy Murray 1 Murray put so much effort into becoming number one and now his body is rebelling.  He has been struggling this season to find his form and it has not helped that he has been plagued by arm and hip issues.

He was forced to miss this tournament because of his recurrent hip issues; thus, he will be unable to defend his finalist points, which will result in his loss of the number one ranking on August 21st, 2017.

Roger Federer 3 Federer has been suffering in recent years with his back.  This is not the first time that it has caused his to withdraw from a tournament.  He was clearly hampered this past Sunday when he attempted to contest the Coupe Rogers final; unfortunately for him, his opponent Alexander Zverev was in no mood to oblige and Federer lost in straight sets.
Stan Wawrinka 4 Wawrinka announced in July that he will be shutting down his 2017 season due to persistent right knee issues, which required surgery. Now he is hoping to recover for the 2018 season. He is the defending US Open champion and will not be able to defend his title.
Novak Djokovic 5 Right elbow injury has forced Djokovic to shut down his 2017 season as well and he will not be able to defend his US Open finalist points.
Marin Cilic 6 Adductor injury is preventing Cilic from defending his W&S Open title.
Kei Nishikori 9 Right wrist injury has also forced Nishikori to end his 2017 season prematurely; yet, perhaps not a surprise as he has had a bunch of injuries his career and a few more this season.
Milos Raonic 10 A recent stretch of injuries have plagued Raonic and he is currently out of commission due to left wrist injury.
Gael Monfils 21 ?Illness
Maria Sharapova 148 Injury has plagued Sharapova since her return to the Tour following the completion of her term for drug suspension.  She withdrew from this week’s tournament because of a left forearm injury.

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  1. This is crazy…don’t think I’ve ever seen this many top seeds out at one time…why so many injuries???…are they playing too much…are they all too old…what??? This leaves Cincinatti & the US Open up for grabs. I’m aware that Nadal will become #1 next week but that won’t guarantee him a victory…there are too many young guns out there with the talent and skills to take this tourney right away from him. This should be interesting!!

    1. Yes, there are so many young players that are coming out of the woodworks who are threatening the top guys and Nadal has been vulnerable to the pace of these young power hitters. He needs a title on hard court to boost his confidence going into the US open; hopefully he can win this tournament.

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