Ferrer, greatest player never to have won a major?

Ferrer great player

You can only be entranced by the ferocious tenacity of David Ferrer when you watch him play.  Ferrer turned professional in 2000. At 5’9”, he has exceeded his potential by a longshot; yet, having followed him for years, that may be an erroneous assessment. His potential despite being vertically challenged was limitless because Ferrer believed in himself and his game. It is that belief, plus his tenacious spirit that propelled him to the top ten at number ten in January 2006. He cemented his ranking as a top ten player in September 2007 at number eight and remained in the top ten until the end of October in 2008. Although he fell out of the top ten for a couple of years, he did not fall too far and was back in the top ten at number ten by October 2010, this time Ferrer was fully ready to embrace his position as a top ten player. He got to a career high of number three on July 8th, 2013 and stayed in the top ten until May 2016.

Very few tennis players have avoided being injured during their careers and many have had to end their careers because of injury and an inability to recover fully. Ferrer was a victim of injury to his most prized assets, his lower extremities (Achilles tendon injury). The Spaniard relies heavily on his mobility and his game was severely hampered when he was injured and even though he has returned it is taking him a while to get back to his top form. Can he get back to the top ten? Unfortunately, time is not on his side; at thirty-five years, his mind may be willing but the body may be unable to withstand the rigorous demands of a consistent top ten player.

Yet, watching him play against Hyeon Chung in the quarterfinal of the 2018 ASB Classic tournament, you can see that he is still as passionate about tennis as he has always been. His desire to compete at the top with the best is still very much apparent and if he can remain healthy and recover after his matches properly, he can potentially get back to the top ten once more. However, it will not be easy; there are so many young talents in the field, who are threatening the veteran players every week with their power and youthful vigor that the Spaniard’s desire may not be enough.

Two years after he became a professional player, Ferrer won his first career singles title. He has won twenty-seven singles titles, which includes one Masters 1000 title to date. He has contested fifty-two singles titles; six of which were Masters 1000 titles and a lone major, Roland Garros in 2013. He has been in three doubles finals and won two on clay. 2016 was a struggle for Ferrer and he has been slowly making his way back; he won a title in 2017. Can he put it all together in 2018 and give one last push to the top and a major title? While there are contenders like Tomas Berdych, Tim Henman and Marcelo Rios, to name a few for the greatest player never to have won a major title; none brought the work ethics, tenacious fight and passion of David Ferrer.

SOURCE OF IMAGE:  Creative Commons (Yann Caradec-David Ferrer defeats Albert Montanes in the second round of the 2013 Roland Garros)

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