Venus gets the better of little sister

another sister duel

BNP Paribas Open, Indian Wells

[8] Venus Williams (USA) vs. [PR] Serena Williams (USA)

First and foremost they are sisters and best friends and no matter the outcome of the battle on court, that will never change. They played each other twenty-eight times before and Serena led 17:11. This match like their previous matches was expected to be wrought with extra tension and emotion. Perhaps this match was more emotional because of all that has happened to Serena recently.


It’s hard to separate your love of someone from your desire to win and when that person is your beloved sister it is potentially even more difficult. I have jokingly said that I would have no problem, because I am the ultimate competitor and it matters not who is on the other side of the net; however, I have never been in the position of sisters.

Venus was not exactly high on confidence; despite coming into this tournament with some impressive tournament finals late last season, she has had a slow start to her season. Serena is back, but not at the level she was before her maternity leave. Perhaps these factors would make this match their most competitive yet.

It was as emotionally tense as their previous meetings, only this time the odds were stacked in Venus’ favor. Too long a layoff and too deconditioned, Serena was slow to the ball, her shots had no sting and she made too many errors.

The writing was on the wall after Serena was broken in her first two service games of the second set, there would be no miraculous comeback for Serena in this match. Although cognizant of the fact that it was her sister across the net, Venus kept her eyes focused on the ball and got the straight sets victory 6-3, 6-4.

SOURCE OF IMAGES: serveandrally (Venus Williams and Serena Williams)


  1. It was of no surprise to me as I watched the match between the sisters. I had a feeling that Serena would not play to her fullest potential, and it was quickly confirmed early in the match. I don’t think Venus had to play as hard as she would normally have to against her sister, given Serena’s level of play. I get it, she’s back from maternity leave and she was just not 100% ready for the match – my opinion; her mind and her body were just not in sync.

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