Mover of the Week: Laura Siegemund

Siegemund mover of the week


Laura Siegemund gets the honors as mover of the week; however, it’s definitely not the way she would have wanted it. She is yet another tennis player whose career has been interrupted or derailed by injury. As every athlete knows, it is difficult to recover from an injury and some injuries take longer than anticipated to heal. Worse, recovery time seems to increase the older you are. Siegemund was a semifinalist last year at the Volvo Car Open; however, this year she lost in the second round.  Her last tournament before her injury was in May, 2017; she returned to the Tour last month.


Siegemund is working hard to regain her form because she has a lot of ranking points to defend and knows well that if she is unable to do so her ranking will drop even further. As it stands right now, she is very close to falling out of the top hundred. It is very frustrating when you have worked so hard to improve your ranking only to be derailed by injury. Every player’s first goal is not to win a title, although if it happens in the process it’s an added bonus, but to break into the top hundred. It is well-known that being in the top hundred gets you direct entry into the four major tournaments, where if you play well you can get a ton of ranking points.

PLAYERS (within the top 100) SPOTS MOVED NEW RANK
Laura Siegemund (GER) DOWN 23 97
Sachia Vickery (USA) UP  16 75              (CAREER HIGH)
Ana Bogdan (ROU) UP  14 76              (CAREER HIGH)
Bernarda Pera (USA) UP  11 90              (CAREER HIGH)
Danielle Collins (USA) UP  8 45              (CAREER HIGH)

 ATP Tour:  there were no changes amongst the top ten members; they maintained their exact positions from last week. There were minimal changes in the rankings overall because it was Davis Cup week and there were no ATP Tournaments played.

WTA Tour: the top ten members all remained the same and maintained their exact positions as well.

SOURCE OF IMAGE: (Michael Steele/Getty Images Europe: Laura Siegemund)

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